the daughter’s gay horse


Twelve is into horses.  Like most young ladies. And Twelve actually spends time with horses every week.

Twelve’s horse has a name.  Clancy.

Clancy is a male horse, and he’s gay.

Twelve mentioned it to me at one point, and I brushed over it with, “Yes, homosexuality is found in most species on the planet.”



It’s really important that I raise the kids up in a world where the state of gay, transgender, or any variation of sexuality or genderedness or identity is just normal.  Our theme, when it comes to relating to others is that you treat all people with respect and kindness because that’s how we treat other people.  Prejudice is for ignorant people.

That Twelve’s horse pines for another male horse is a simple opportunity to demonstrate this idea.


At the dinner table last Thursday, Twelve mentioned something about feeding Clancy’s boyfriend.

I smiled, because I think it’s cute that she doesn’t bat an eye at her horse’s relationship status.

I hollered to her dad, who had just left the room to check on dinner, “Hey, Baby, did you know {Twelve’s} horse is gay?”

Her dad, my brash, outspoken, loving husband, jumps into the living room, rubbing his nipples, smiling and flouncing, “He likes – Haaaaaaay!”


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