oh gods, yes

Let’s just say, “Hallelujah!”

Not in, like, a church voice though.


I have finally found my place.  My island.  My closet big enough for two and a stone clawed bathtub.

And it’s my work.  I. Get. Paid. For. This.

Okay, not this but to post things on a blog.  To be on Facebook.  To WORK FROM HOME.

Yeah, seriously.

It’s like I died and am in some sick-minded heaven.  With hand stitched retro floor length jackets and a green gemmed wedding ring on my finger.

The pros: Obviously, living my dream.

The cons: I’m terrified of losing it.


Thankfully, that weird panicterrorstricken feeling is temporary.  As every day passes and they continue to employ me, those psychotic talons of crazy loosen their grip on me more and more.  It’s nice.


And now, it’s 4p on a Friday night and I should probably get back to work.  Because did I mention that I work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week?  Oh yeah, there’s that, too. And I am still over the moon.


Does anyone know how to italicize on a Mac?  Because [control + i] doesn’t work.


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