saggy genes

Sweet Baby Jesus.

Had to look into getting Thirteen into high school.

Which means I arranged two shadow dates.  One with our neighbor’s daughter. The second will follow two weeks later with a different student.


The registrar asked me to describe his interests so she could hook him up with a student similar to him.

Uhhh… call me a bad parent but I don’t think Thirteen is interested in much.


I lie.  I lie.

He’s interested in video games, camping, building stuff, cars, astronomy, soccer, wood carving, and sarcasm.  I left out the part where he’s very good at rolling his eyes and math but he’s totally not interested in school.

I also left out the part where he likes BB guns, AirSoft guns, and fire.  That said, I should have added spitballs to the list of acceptable things to share, but it’s too late.  Already hit Send.


In other news, I have saggy skin and breasts.  Honestly I’m not sure how this happened.  I mean, I know that when you gain and lose weight your skin sags.  I guess that’s what happens to boobs, too.

AND.  My skin on my forearms is getting super thin.  And the skin on the backs of my hands is cracking.  I know this is caused by some illusion that I hold that this is what happens when you get old, and I’ve got to work on how to fix that in my mind.  Because the coconut oil, Shea butter, and alpaca hand cream apparently isn’t doing the trick.

What. The. Fuck.




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