going postal

I’ve learned everything I need to know about customer service from my local Post Office.

Not because they’re amazing but because they do everything customer service wise OHSOWRONG.

Which is okay.


I recognize a few things off the bat: Shipping internationally is a pain in the ass, and the USPS isn’t a profitable organization.  Their goal isn’t to build a strong business.

Which is probably the explanation for the disdain I see in the postal employee’s faces every time I step through the door.


That said, there is a method to my madness.

First, I save the company a lot of money by shipping through the USPS. Second, I am always nice to everyone, no matter how shitty they are.

Let’s just say that the last month has been one GIANT debacle with the Post Office.  I have spent hours in queue and thousands of dollars in shipping.

100 packages returned to my doorstep due to spoiled postage from two days ago kind of debacle.

And still, I walk away every time saying, “Thank you for this experience.” Because the Post Office is making me a better person.

At one point last week, I made a manager cry.  She was awfully rude to me and her suggestion to resolving the situation was ridiculously time consuming for me.  Rationally, it was a very simple fix.  In fact, it turned out to be an incredibly simple fix after she apologized three times for being so rude and telling me she will, after all, help me.

When it was said and done, I handed her a gift bag with a thank you note and arm warmers I had knit.


See, within that gap between being a judgmental asshole and being on the receiving end of terrible customer service, there’s a choice.  Do you often allow other people ruin your mood?

And when you pause while inside that gap, you get to decide if you’re going to perpetuate that mood onto everyone else.


I’m not always going to pick the role of the patient person.  But for this month, I’m going to react kindly to the Post Office employees’ bad behavior.  It’s not a reward for it.  It’s because none of the other customers who interact with them deserve the trickle down from my reaction to it.


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