I’ll Be Home For Christmas

So next week, my virtual team is having a holiday party instead of a meeting.

We meet every week (several times a week) via video conferencing.  It’s the coolest thing EVER.

And this week, due to the holidays, we are “taking some family time.”

I just have to say…


Back in March, while I was working at the hospital, I discovered that the two other girls I worked with had requested the week of Christmas off.  I was pissed because of the three of us, I was the only one with kids. And since the office couldn’t close for a week, that meant I was working – including Christmas Eve. Never mind that my immediate family has three places to be over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My husband consoled me by saying, “Don’t worry, you won’t even be working there for Christmas this year.”

Which was a tough nut to swallow given that I had been looking for the right job for years.


And here I am.  I can hardly believe it.

Not only do I get to work from home, but our team is so cool that next week instead of having a normal meeting (which is simple given that we can log in to the meeting from anywhere), we’re going to have a virtual party instead!  And it has been suggested that maybe we BYOB to this party.

Not sure how that’ll work since in my time zone it’ll be 11 AM, but hey, it’s a party…


Anyway.  It’s very true that you can create your dream job.  The naysayers and doubters can keep on getting what they expect from life, and I’m going to keep on getting what I want from it.

It took me a long time.  It took a TON of work and a lot of emotions.  But here it is.

I’m just going to leave this here…


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