the problem with facebook

Here’s the problem with Facebook.

Imagine you like the people you work with.  You want to add them as friends.  Then something happens and you’re not friends anymore.  And you can’t delete them.

Let’s pretend you add a family member on Facebook.  And one day your family member, whom you have to see at holiday gatherings, and you’re expected to buy them a gift and all that jazz, and then one day they post some ignorant ridiculousity and you can’t delete them because Family Drama.

Let’s say you have a secret that you want to tell your friends on the interwebz.  But not everyone, so you don’t post it on your blog – you want to tell only the people on your public Facebook account.  But you don’t want to tell your best friend.  And you can’t because who really wants to mess around with those privacy settings?  And what if they don’t work and you just end up looking like a big asshole.  Or what if you forget your best friend’s mystery super secret name and you don’t block that update from them and jesusfriggenchrist soon you have more drama.

See, that’s the problem with Facebook.  You want some privacy?  Sure there’s settings for that.  But what if you get a friend request from a client and godforbid you cuss and they tell your grandmother and pretty soon no more fruitcake (your favorite) at a family gathering. It’s a hot freaking mess.

All I’m saying is that people who are internet famous really must have to have a rough go at life.  How many neighbors deleted them before they got really big?  And how in the Fuck does one decide what is okay to post and what isn’t?  I mean, really.

Thing is – you probably aren’t going to like everyone all the time.

You’re probably not gonna like most people half the time, even.

And if you think you’re immune to Facebook drama, I have a sneaking suspicion you probably don’t have an account.

So there’s that.


2 thoughts on “the problem with facebook

  1. I only joined Facebook to keep an eye (ok, spy) on what my kids got up to. I’m not sure how I ended up with 1000+ friends. I can’t have a rant about work because I have colleagues, I can’t rant about family because, well, they’re obviously my friends. I tend to just lurk & smirk at the innate crap people post. I am strangely drawn to checking up on it every now & then.


    • I need to get to the place you’re at. I still check it almost every day. I used to post a lot, too! I did a pretty good job the last two weeks and I totally fell off the wagon yesterday. Gah.

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