I couldn’t believe she was actually here. In America! To marry me. I’m not really someone special. I’m just a boy from Florida, who happened to fall in love at the end of a war. It was just like Toni to bring a friend.


Or to make a friend in a short time and then introduce her as part of the family.


Either way, I was so overjoyed that she came.


We were to marry right away. I arranged for an engagement party so my friends could meet her. Rachel and Toni helped make it something to remember. We had music and dancing and dinner. I was proud to introduce her as my fiancée. No one, myself included, expected me to fall into such great luck!


She spoke some English, and where she lacked she made up for with creativity. It wasn’t hard at all to make it work. She and Rachel were totally a great pair, talking together and making plans.


I was ready for the party to begin, and practiced saying yes to anything that came to me. Nothing was too out of the world for Toni. Like a gift for her, I wanted to say yes.




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