Lamar Kevin Keeps Mom’s Secret



Mutti (she loves it when I call her that) was always really good to me. My favorite things: she told me stories about fairies and dragons. She liked to draw. She played the piano real good. She let me play the piano with her. She gave me extra cookies when Seliah went to her room to do homework. She went for walks with me…


She used to be sad sometimes, and I remember she’d pretty much let me do whatever I wanted by myself when she needed to take a nap. But when I went to first grade, it was like she was really happy a lot then. Maybe she got to eat more cookies when I was at school but I don’t know because she still put them in my lunch with me.


Seliah said mom was still maybe gonna be sick sometimes and that I should be okay with it if just because she was happy one morning didn’t mean she couldn’t be sad later on that day. My sister also said she was relieved that mom did a lot more to help with me now and then she smiled at me, so I guess she really meant it.


I like school a lot in first grade. The kids are really nice and my teacher says I’m a smart boy. There’s a boy in my class that smells funny but he likes to throw rocks with me so I don’t say anything to hurt his feelings. I miss having parties with Mutti’s friends because they smell really good and Femi likes to say words with d’s instead of t’s and she’s really pretty. Femi says I’m smart for my age, but she says it funny like that my spirit is old. Not really sure what that means but she’s nice so I bet that’s a good thing.


Mom said I can’t tell Dad about what happens in the parties and I think she might get in trouble for them but I’m not sure why. I think Dad only gets mad when she lets me use the oven. Mom said she knows where the alligators live and that she might just call one on the phone if I don’t keep the secret for her. I don’t know a lot about alligators other than “See you later, alligator” and that you can’t be in the swamp after dark because they’ll eat you. Anyways, did you know that my favorite color is blue and I can win my sister at jacks?




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