this is a bitchy blog post

Two things. A book reviewer had a one sided argument with me today. I even tried to be nice about how I worded an opposing point of view. Wasn’t Mercury out of retrograde here recently? *shrug* I suppose some folks just have to be right and feel like they’re always on the attacking end of something. That sounds like an unappealing frame for life, but everyone’s perfect just how they are.

The second thing. Someone posted a Jesus blog saying something like Jesus had said it. And then they responded to Jesus asking how they could get more people under his (Jesus’) protection. Answer: well, you could start by not making up a Jesus quote, but what the hell do I know?

I lied, third thing. There was this guy asking for critiques in this writers group on Facebook. I’ve started really paying attention to these groups because I need to stay on top of my shit if I’m going to finish this novel by my birthday. He writes this ~500 word tirade about how (basically) parents need to be more strict. But he used the word “independence” in describing why kids turn out poorly. I kindly said I thought he was misusing the word independence and gave him two very reasonable replacement words. His response? “I’m using it right, you just need to look deeper into it.”

Listen, motherfucker. I know what you’re trying to say and I’ve been writing about parenting for a long time and doing some parenting intermittently for the last nine years and let me tell you, teaching your child “independence” is not why these kids are turning out delinquents. Mkay?

Alright, now that’s out of my system. 30,000 words as of today, baby.