Seliah learns to read palms



Mom said we’d learn to read palms together. She called it palmistry, but every time she said it, I thought, “palm trees.” The first line to read is your heart line.


Mom read aloud from a book, “In palmistry, you read both hands. Your left is your potential and your right is what you’ve done with it.” She squinted at her palm and then grabbed for mine. “Seliah, yours goes from the side of your hand to your pointer finger. That means you’ll be satisfied with love. Both hands look like that, so I guess it’s settled!”


“And what’s yours say?” I ask and grab her hands. Her left was started between her pointer and middle fingers. Her right started just below her middle finger. “What’s it mean?”


“Oh, this is just silly games, anyway.” She turned away like the was done with the lesson. Off she went to the kitchen to make me a snack. “Do you want peanut butter?” she hollered.


I grabbed the palmistry book and flipped to the heart line pages. Left was “you fall in love quickly” and right was “you are selfish in love.”




Mom was pretty selfish, in general. She told me that was an Aries thing so I guess she’s just being who she’s destined to be.


I, on the other hand, am a Taurus, and Taurus are loyal to the bone. Stubborn, too. I must have no idea what they mean by that.




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